Enrolment Procedure

Parents /guardians are encouraged to visit Kids Land prior to enrolment. You are welcome to stay for as long as you like, feel free to bring your child along to join in with the activities.

(Enrolment fee is payable through Eftpos or cash only, please set up AP payment for the payment for the weekly fee charges)

Enrolment minimum requirement

  • Weekly minimum booking of 2 sessions for Under 2's and 3 full day sessions for over 3's is required for enrolment. This is to ensure that your child will benefit from the consistency in their daily routine.
  • Children take time to develop their trust and confident, they will feel stress and worry when they are frequently placed in different learning environment. We discourage mixed enrolment.
  • Birth Certificate/Passport/Immunization :
    Prior to or on a child's first day, Birth certificate/Passport and immunization record needs to be viewed by the supervisor.

Enrolment fee

An enrolment fee of $40.00 is payable upon enrolment. This is non-refundable.

Sibling Discount

Where two or more children with the same legal guardian attend the centre, the older child(ren) may be eligible for up to 10% discount.


  • One week before your child starts, please deposit 2 weeks fee (Bond) - 1 week advance fee using direct debit.
  • Please set up AUTOMATIC PAYMENT for the weekly fee payment. An additional weekly charge of $10 for payment not made by Automatic Payment. Please include your child's first and last name as reference in your Automatic Payment.
  • Please set your Automatic payment on or before Wednesday weekly.
  • Bond will be released within 1 month after all fee outstanding being cleared. Please leave your Bank Account Name and Number with the office for online payment of your bond.


NAME OF ACCOUNT: Kids Land Educare Centre

Details to appear on the Kids Land Educare Centre Statement- to be included on the form where it asks:

REFERENCE: Your child's first and last name
(Fees not made by automatic payment will be charged an additional $10 per week).


  • Invoices will be printed in the first week of each month only. Fees are to be paid 1 week in advance.
  • Overdue amount appeared in the monthly fee statement will be charged for a 10% late payment fee.
  • Fee must be paid in full unless you are receiving WINZ childcare subsidy.
  • Please check your monthly fee statement with care. Do approach the office for anything in doubt. We do not entertain query after 3 months.
  • Extra printing of fee statement will incur $2 charge per piece.


  • A late fee of $1 per minutes will be charged for children not going back after their booked time. ( if centre is not informed of the situation)
  • A late fee of $15 per hour will be charged when parents inform the centres of their late pick up.
  • Weekly, parents are given extra 10 minutes with no charges imposed.


  • All changes to bookings must be confirmed through filling up the appropriate form. Two weeks' notice must be given prior to the change.
  • If you request for extra day for the week on top of your booked time, extra day charges will apply.
  • No swapped or substituted enrolment days can be made for absences on normal enrolled days, general holidays or sickness.
  • If you wish to terminate the permanent booking for your child, please ensure you notify the centre in writing giving no less than two week's notice, and advise Work and Income accordingly if appropriate.

Holidays and Absence

  • It is important to provide sufficient notice of absences or holidays to allow the centre to plan for staffing ratios and meals accordingly.
  • In cases of sickness or unplanned absence, please ensure the centre is advised prior to the booked start time for the day, there will be no reduction in fees charged in this instance.
  • Children may be entitled to two weeks' annual leave at a discount of 50% of the net amount payable by the parent/guardian once a year. 2-weeks entitlement to annual leave entitlement is calculated on the anniversary of the start date of enrolment; entitlements do not roll over to the next year.
  • A holiday request form must be completed at least two weeks prior to taking leave.
  • For any holidays more than 2 weeks, normal fee will be paid for the first two weeks and only $10 will be paid from the third week and thereafter. This is the holding fee so as to ensure your child's space when he/she returns. A week of annual leave is calculated refers to a normal week's booking.
  • For period of extended leave, please discuss with the Centre Manager/Head Teacher and agree terms in writing. If you fail to do so a full fee will be charged.
  • For Statutory Holidays there will be no reduction in fee charged, normal weekly fees continue to apply.
    Holiday Application Form

Terms and Conditions

Enrolment at this facility confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions contained herein are not exhaustive. Further terms and conditions are contained in published centre Policy documents, rules, notices, parent handbooks, etc. Fee charges may be reviewed from time to time. Where possible at least two weeks' notice of any changes will be given. The centre reserves the right to add, amend, clarify or delete terms, conditions or policies by issuing newsletters, notices, or posting notification on one of the centre notice boards. Discounts are allowed at the discretion of the company and may be withdrawn at any time. Only one discount offer can be applied to fees at any given time.

Policies/ERO Reports

Kid's Land Educare Centre has a number of policies that set out the procedures that are in place for the care and education of the children who attend. We strongly urge you to read these. The signing of the enrolment form indicates that you will abide by the policies of this service, and understand how you can have input to policy review.

Centre policies and E.R.O reports are available for parents to view at anytime.
Download ERO Report