Enrolment Procedure

Parents /guardians are encouraged to visit Kids Land prior to enrolment. You are welcome to stay for as long as you like, feel free to bring your child along to join in with the activities.

When the place is accepted with the return of the pre-enrolment form and a non refundable enrolment fee of $40.00, the parents/guardian is given the following material:
  • Philosophy statement
  • Fee schedule
  • Enrolment Form
  • Middle Ear Check Consent Form
(Enrolment fee is payable through Eftpos or cash only, please set up AP payment for the payment for the weekly fee charges)


NAME OF ACCOUNT: Kids Land Educare Centre

Details to appear on the Kids Land Educare Centre Statement- to be included on the form where it asks:

REFERENCE: Your child's first and last name
(Fees not made by automatic payment will be charged an additional $10 per week).


Our Terms & Conditions

Things to Bring

  • one pillow case for sleeper
  • few changes of clothing in plastic bag
  • extra plastic bags for used clothes to take home
  • more undies for toilet trainer
  • one drink bottle
  • own lunch box if staying for lunch
  • Sun Hat/Warm winter hat/Beanny
  • a photo of the child
  • a photo of family

Please print your child's name in all
his/her belongings

Download enrolment Form

As requested by Ministry of Education, you are expected to attach a copy of your birth certificate & Immunisation certificate for your enrolment. Thanks

Tips on settling your child at Kids Land Educare Centre

Starting at an early childhood centre is exciting but also is a bit scary for the child.
The followings are few tips to help settle your child.
  • Visit the centre prior to start.
  • Talk to your child about things you can do in the centre before the visit.
  • Share with the teachers about things that your child can do, his/her interests and favourite toys or activities
  • Bring the child around and show them the toilets, hand wash basin and lockers for putting their belongings
Once enrolled and started
  • Do spend time in the centre together with your child as many times as you can before he/she starts. You can either participate in the activities with them or just be there for them.
  • Prepare yourself for the separation anxiety on the first day (for both you and your child). Sending the child to the centre is a good learning experience for the child. He will need lots of your encouragement to adjust to the outside world. Some children might behave differently when they start so be more prepared and give them more understanding and supports.
  • Do arrive early in the centre to pick him/her up in your child's first week of attendance. Children feel proud when their parents arrive earlier than other parents.
  • Make sure that you will say "Good bye "to him/her before you leave. Do not sneak out from them. It is hard to build up trusting relationship when the child is left with worry of where his/her parents are.