Our Learning Environment

Reggio Emillia's believes that environment is the third teacher.

Our planning programme is closely linked with our environment setting every day. Children's interests and carefully planned environment will draw children's curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Angel Group (3 Months to 14 Months)

Babies are angels from heaven. They need gentle care to build up good trust and relationship.

Kids Land Educare Centre emphasises one on one baby time to encourage his/her physical movement which indirectly enhance their brain development. Music and singing in the air, talking and communicating with the little angels are treasured and encouraged.

Bumble Bee Group (15months to 2 years old)

Our active group who rapidly developed his/her sense of self. In this self discovery phase, music, active movement and hands on activities are their favourite.

Self help skill training and giving respect and encouragement in self independence play an important part in this stage of development.

Literacy and Mathematical learning skills are incorporated in their daily exploration play and learning environment.

Twinkle Star Group (2 to 4 years old)

Twinkle Star is housed in the same building as the Bumble Bee. This enables the easy and smooth transition of the younger ones from Bumble Bee into the world of the Twinkle Star.

This special arrangement is to provide good opportunities for the elder ones to develop their leadership skill and also to allow the younger ones to learn alongside of the more learned peers.

We emphasize in providing challenging and interesting learning environment for the children to explore and learn. Through the thoughtful arrangement of the each and every learning corner, we hope to support every child's cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.

All our teachers are trained to follow the children's interests and to further extend and understand their creative mind. Children's learning journey are documented and filed in their own portfolio

Children are encouraged to engage in their doing, be attentive to instructions and be creative in their making.

Montessori way of learning in practical life, sensorial and literacy are introduced. Children are invited to participate in the hands on activity facilitated by the teachers.

Sunflower Group (Above 3 years + to 6 years old)

Children in Sunflower group are invited to play and learn in an environment thoughtfully arranged with special attention in enhancing children interests, thinking and understanding. In depth project research study is being carried out through co- construction by the children and teacher. Children learn through discoveries and are being supported by experienced teachers in extending their interest further and wider.

Variety of learning resources for each and individual learning corners are selected and prepared for their individual or group play. We also conduct a specialized Transition to school programme for children 4 years and above. Mastering of basic literacy and mathematical skill is done through fun and play.

We encourage children to build up their confidence in public speaking, enhancing their problem solving skill through daily activities and interaction and also promote their readiness to take up responsibility in their daily routine.

Higher level of understanding in Mathematics through Montessori ways of learning is also introduced to the Sunflower Group.

Transition to School Programme

Specialised transition to school programme is designed according to the New Zealand curriculum framework. This programme is only available to children 4 years and above. Children not only gain the best head start to their lifelong learning, but are also being encouraged to develop their independence and organising skills. This programme also allows children to gain more confidence and good leadership and social skills.


Our OSCAR programme aims to build up children confidence in their academic achievement especially in English and Maths together with learning of the Chinese language.

We also encourage children to further develop their organizing skill in their daily task and routine, exploration in their creativity in music, job planning, execution and review together with public speaking skill.

Hours & Ages

  • Hours: Monday to Friday
    8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    (Flexi hour enrolment with minimum of 7 hours per day)
  • Ages: 0 years to 6 years old
  • We offer 20 hours ECE for over 3's and is WINZ approved

Contact Us

  • Phone:  09-8203346
  • Mobile:  022-1277945
  • Email:   info@kidsland.co.nz
  • Address: 162 & 164 Whitney Street,
    Blockhouse Bay,
    Auckland 0600

" We Believe "

  • Children are capable individuals
  • Children are full of potentials
  • Children should be loved and cared with respects
  • Children's cultural difference and beliefs should be acknowledged and valued
  • Children learn through exploring in a fun and safe environment.