Our Centre

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is a gift from God. The operations and practices of our Centre are based on Christina love and teaching.

We respect the individuality of the child. Their needs and well-being are our priority

We value the partnership with parents. We encourage open discussions to promote trusting relationship

We provide a safe, warm and secure environment for all children and their families, where they can feel connected just like home.

Our Learning Approach

  • Programmes offered at Kids Land are based on:
  • Te- Wharriki ( NZ Early Childhood Curriculum) which weaves through the four principles of Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family and Community and Relationship, together with the five strands of Well-being, Belonging, Contribution, Communication and Exploration. Parental involvement and the individuality of children are highly emphasized.
  • High/Scope encourages children to be active in their learning through supportive adult interactions. Teachers facilitate work on problem resolution with children when conflict arises. Individual, small and big group learning experiences are supported in the learning program. Children are encouraged to "Plan-Do-Review"and to learn interactively.
  • Maria Montessori believes that all children want to learn. They want to work independently and they learn best through their five senses. Montessori materials are aesthetically beautiful and sturdy. They are designed with self corrective measure and children are encouraged to work on it with determined end. The curriculum consisting of three broad phases of practical life, sensory education and language activity.
  • Reggio Emillia's children have "HUNDRED LANGUAGES". These concepts of accept children's multiply forms and increasing levels of adaptation and competence. WE respect and give support to chidlren's own timing and rhythms of growth and development. Reggio also believes that Learning Environment is children's third teacher.
  • Whole Child Concept: We strive towards the goal of creating an environment conducive to the development of the whole child.1.e.the development of cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical domains.
  • Mandarin option: Special Chinese speaking and learning are available daily.

Our Centre Information

Enrolment Procedure

Policies/ERO Reports
Kid's Land Educare Centre has a number of policies that set out the procedures that are in place for the care and education of the children who attend. We strongly urge you to read these. The signing of the enrolment form indicates that you will abide by the policies of this service, and understand how you can have input to policy review.
Centre policies and E.R.O reports are available for parents to view at anytime. (http://www.ero.govt.nz/Early-Childhood-School-Reports/Early-Childhood-Reports/Kid-s-Land-Educare-Centre-16-07-2015)
Download ERO Report

Morning tea and Afternoon tea
At Kid's Land, morning tea, afternoon tea and late snack will include at least 1 serving of fruit/vegetable, 1 serves of breads/crackers/meat or 1 serve (250ml) of dairy products daily.
  • Fruit/vegetable: apple, banana, orange, kiwi fruit, plum, feijoas, carrot, celery and etc.
  • Breads/crackers/meat: toast, bread, cracker, biscuit, baking - scones/muffins/pikelete and etc, fish fingers, sausage etc.
  • Dairy products/other: cheese, milk, raisins, dried apricot/banana and etc.
  • Water will be available at all time.
Please inform the supervisor if there is any food requirement for your child at enrolment.

Lunch is provided for morning session and full day children. Lunches include a mixture of Western and Eastern food with plenty of variety throughout the year. Vegetarian option also available on request.
If your child has a special nutritional need ie. allergies or requires an adaptation to our menu, we will work with your family to create a plan that will meet your child's needs.

Rest Time
Children have the opportunity to sleep after lunch in an assigned mattress. For those children who do not require a nap, they will participate in quiet activities during the rest period. Please feel free to discuss individual requirement for sleep time.

Toilet Training
Our educators will help your child through the toilet training process. Please feel free to discuss it with our educators. It is recommended for your child to wear pull ups during the training period.

Please provide enough nappies for at least 2 weeks if required. All the nappies are labelled and we will notify you when the supply is running low.

Please ensure that children are put on their normal clothing which will permit them to move freely, working on messy art work, engaging in sand or water play. Please clearly label your child's belongings. It is recommended that you leave a couple of set clothing in their basket.

Personal toys
Please keep all personal toys at home as children will feel upset when their personal toy is broken or lost.

Please ensure that your child is brought into the building and signed into the centre and left with an educator's supervision before you leave. Do not allow your child to open the doors or gate for you. For safety reason, this is strictly an adult's responsibility only.

Please fill out medicine register if your child is under medication from a doctor. You will be required to sign a form authorizing staff to administer the medication. It is essential that the medicine is to be handed to a staff and NOT left in the child's bag.

Safe play is important in the centre but accidents do happen. All of our educators are certified First Aiders and we are equipped with First Aid supplies. All accidents are recorded into an Incident Books and parents are requested to acknowledge and sign when necessary.

We conduct regular fire and earth quake drills. Parents are encouraged to join us whenever possible.

Sun Saftety
In Kids Land, we encourage the children to wear hat and apply sun block every time they go outside. "NO Hat No OUTSIDE Play". Please bring a named sun hat for your child to leave in the centre. Please provide your own sun block if your child has any allergies or sensitivities to the sun block we have in the centre.

Every child has a portfolio to record their learning at Kid's Land. Please feel free to view your own child's portfolio and discuss with staff about your child's learning. We value your inputs in your child learning. Parent Portal

Daily Report
Our Under twos are supplied with Daily Report. We will fill this in on a daily basis to update you on your child's day at the centre. Please also let us know more about your child by filling in the first part of the Daily Report so that we know how he/she is at home.

The excursion will be planned as part of an extended learning experience for children based on their current interests from time to time. Parents will be informed of any outing and the intended adult to child ratio, in writing, prior to the outing. A written consent for the child going on the outing will need to be agreed prior the excursion. This consent confirms your acceptance of the stated adult: child ratio.

Minimum Adult Child ratios are:
  • When travelling by bus to specific confined location (e.g. museum) 1:4
  • When travelling on public transport (e.g. train) 1:2
  • When travelling by sea (e.g. Devonport ferry) 1:2
  • On a waling outing 1:2
  • Around water (e.g. beach) 1:2
Please feel free to talk to us by making an appointment or to leave a small note for our attention. Contact Us

Hours & Ages

  • Hours: Monday to Friday
    8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    (Flexi hour enrolment with minimum of 7 hours per day)
  • Ages: 0 years to 6 years old
  • We offer 20 hours ECE for over 3's and is WINZ approved

Contact Us

  • Phone:  09-8203346
  • Mobile:  022-1277945
  • Email:   info@kidsland.co.nz
  • Address: 162 & 164 Whitney Street,
    Blockhouse Bay,
    Auckland 0600

" We Believe "

  • Children are capable individuals
  • Children are full of potentials
  • Children should be loved and cared with respects
  • Children's cultural difference and beliefs should be acknowledged and valued
  • Children learn through exploring in a fun and safe environment.