Terms and Condition


  • A weekly minimum booking of 2 sessions for Under 2's and 3 full day sessions for over 3's is required for enrolment. This is to ensure that your child will benefit from the consistency in their daily routine.
  • Children take time to develop their trust and confident, they will feel stress and worry when they are frequently placed in different learning environment. We discourage mixed enrolment.


  • One week before your child starts, please deposit 2 weeks fee (Bond)- 1 week advance fee using direct debit.
  • Please set up AUTOMATIC PAYMENT for the weekly fee payment. An additional weekly charge of $10 for payment not made by Automatic Payment. Please include your child's first and last name as reference in your Automatic Payment.
  • Bond will be released in your final fee statement.


  • Invoices will be printed in the first week of each month only. Fees are to be paid 1 week in advance.
  • Weekly invoice will be printed for those accounts with unpaid balance. A late payment fee of 10% will apply for overdue fees.
  • Fee must be paid in full unless you are receiving WINZ childcare subsidy.


  • Work and income services provide a childcare subsidy to all families. (Please click here to see whether you are eligible for it)
  • It is the parent's responsibility to inform work and Income for any changes of their circumstances.
  • Parents are liable to pay the differences in fee if you failed to inform WINZ of your change in circumstances which may affect the subsidy received.


Prior to or on a child's first day, the immunization record needs to be viewed by the supervisor.


Please fill in your holiday application form if you plan to go for more than 3 weeks of holiday.

Holiday fee charges
  • Every child is entitled to a 50% discount for a two weeks holiday once a calendar year.
  • If your child is going for a holiday for more than 2 weeks, full fee is applicable for the first two weeks and a holding fee of $10 per week thereafter.


  • Please inform the centre about your child's absence. We discourage ad hoc and disrupted attendance. Casual absence will incur full fee charges.
  • If your child is absence for more than 2 weeks due to medical reasons, you may apply for a 50% fee discount with a medical certificate attached.


  • A late fee of $10 per 10 minutes will be charged for children not going back after their booked time. ( if centre is not informed of the situation)
  • A late fee of $15 per hour will be charged when parents inform the centres of their late pick up. They are given extra 10 minutes with no charges imposed.


  • All changes to bookings must be confirmed through filling up the appropriate form. Two weeks' notice must be given prior to the change.
  • If you request for extra day for the week on top of your booked time, extra day charges will apply.