---- Muzakkir's Mum
Josiah progress with the toilet training was very fast! He was so reliant on nappies and refused to use the toilet for a while. Then one day he went from nappy straight to underwear in less than a week!
He is very confident now and wears underwear full time. I am very happy with his progress and I want to thank all the teachers for their support during this period of time. ---- Palu (Josiah's Mum)
First I would like to thank the teachers for the attentive care and education they have given to Jayden. When Jayden first arrived, I was very worried that he may not feel comfortable and would take a long time to adapt. However, I was very surprised that he loved to go to school. Every day after school, he would come back and share with me what he has learnt at school today. Every night he would also sing songs that he has picked up at pre-school. After going to pre-school, he started to understand Mandarin and English. I am very happy and comforted that my son is happy at school. I would like to thank the teachers most for the care they have given for Jayden's eczema. To do that, they need to make sure that he is constantly moisturized. The care shown for Jayden makes me feel very at ease. I am very happy to be able to send my son to this school. I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers. I wish that you would continue to improve! ---- Amy (Jayden's mum)
Thank you so much all the teachers for arranging all kinds of activities and through all these interesting activities, teaching my kid to be a kind and generous person. On Mother's Day, the teacher taught Isaac to make a very beautiful rose for me. I could tell that Isaac made the green leaf and wrote Isaac's name on it. When I got home, Isaac gave me the pretty rose and said, " I love you mummy." My heart melted and I reckon this is the best present I ever received. Thank you teachers for doing such a great job to their lives. We as parents can not thank you enough! ---- Jessie Zhang (Isaac's mum)
Josiah's progress with toilet training was very fast! He was so reliant on nappies and refused to use the toilet for a while. Then one day he went from nappy to underwear in less than a week. He is very confident now and wears underwear full time. I am very happy with progress. ---- Palu (Josiah's mum)
First of all, I should introduce myself. My name Chrissy and I have lived in New Zealand for about ten years. I have three daughters, two of them starting their lifelong learning in primary schools. They all grew up in New Zealand, so I have gradually realized the importance of speaking Mandarin in this society.

I chose this bilingual kindergarten for my children because the school provides opportunities for the children to learn English and Mandarin simultaneously every day. It also let my kids to have the ability to understand between the languages. The school also builds on the children's self-confidence.

A good environment is very important and needed to enable children to learn. I can see good study habits and attitude is clearly beginning to develop in my children and this was planted and cultivated from kindergarten.

And most importantly, the teachers are very experienced and loving towards the children. ---- - Chrissy (Josephine's mum)
"Our daughter has been attending Kid's Land for more than a year now, and during her time at this centre, we have only praises for the teachers and staff for their care, values, teaching systems and structures, and their genuine interest in the children.. They have always listened to any concerns we may have regarding our child, and have never failed to address and provide us with feedback on any of these. The staff have a very open communication system with parents like ourselves to ensure consistency with our child's teachings at home and at the centre. We especially love the multicultural environment at Kid's Land and highly appreciate their teachings in English as well as Mandarin, allowing our daughter to be exposed to a 2nd language on a regular basis. We have seen our child develop beautifully under their care and guidance and will not hesitate in recommending Kid's Land." ---- Michelle (Sarah's mummy)
I started working full time when my son started his day-care in Kidsland.

I had my son on my 32years old, so I do spoil him sometimes. Because my son- Alvin is only one child in family, grand mom and grand dad never say "no" to him. Alvin is really king in the house, before he started in Kidsland.

After few months training in Kidsland, I found Alvin changed a lot:

He loves to tell me the daycares' stories. He found more friends. Alvin becomes more open and friendly. When we joined friend's party, he is happy to play with other kids. He started to use "please" to start his request, and saying "thanks".

Alvin's talking become more smoothly and clearly. His English and Chinese both developed fast. He learns heaps of songs, he likes singing.
Alvin's Mum

He likes the teachers. He always told me what his teachers say...... The teachers in Kidsland are really great. They are not only teaching kids, but also teaching me. I myself learn a lot from them: like how to talk with Alvin, how to play with him and how to let Alvin loves learning......

Alvin also started to thank for mom and dad work for support the family. He loves family now.

I do thank Kidsland, they do lots of nice work on my son. Now I am a happy working mom with a wonderful son. ---- Alvin's Mum - Summer 7.05.14
Celia Toan (Arianna's Mum)
Kids Land has helped my daughter Arianna in important areas such as building her confidence, preparing her for primary school as well as improving her social skills. Arianna by nature is quite shy. Now, she has the boldness and confidence to stand in front of her class to do news time right from day one in primary school. Further, she represented her class in the school's mastermind quiz finals and is thriving in reading, maths and writing. She has easily made many new friends. The training and exposure she received at Kids Land had indeed made a difference.

Kids Land stands out from other day care centres because of its very competitive fees, caring teachers, focus on learning and great facilities. The incorporation of Montessori teaching, Christian values and Mandarin exposure were what we were looking for in an ideal centre, and Kids Land has the combination of all three. Thumbs up to Christina and the team at Kids Land.
---- Celia Toan (Arianna's Mum)
The thing I like best about Kidsland Educare is the friendly staff, I feel safe in the knowledge that when I leave my son there he is being well looked after in a fun environment surrounded by people who care for him. He has made some great friends there, the teachers really help the kids play together so they include one another in their play. My son loves it.

Kidsland Educare has a good balance of structured learning, with their journals/reading/mat time, and free play time. I really like that they focus sessions around what the kids are showing an interest in, doing activities on things that were initiated by the kids makes them feel appreciated. I believe they really support the child's learning. For example, my son Bradley was really interested in planes, so the teachers made him a paper plane, he loved it so much that then they put some string across and attached the plane and got it to fly, then they had discussions about planes. It really engaged my son's interest. They also had a Scooter/Bikes Day because of the interest the kids had with this activity. It's good to see the childs interests being supported and seeing them have so much fun learning.

Bradley's Mum
I think Kidsland Educare is a great centre that supports the kids learning to ensure they are ready for school once they graduate. I currently have a child there, but my oldest child has graduated Kidsland Educare on to school. He was doing so well academically when he started school that they put him up a year, as he would have been one of the oldest in the year he was in, b y going ahead he is the youngest in his year, and despite being a year ahead of where he should be, he is still working in a group for a year above. I believe a lot of the success he had at school was from the great work they did for him at preschool. I also appreciated that he got to learn Mandarin at preschool, he picked up heaps of words and could count to 10. Coming from an English speaking home, I am grateful that he was able to learn another language outside of the home and he has been able to continue learning Mandarin at our local school. I would have loved to have learned a 2nd language and never got the chance, so I am pleased he has had this opportunity.
---- Susanne Webster (Bradley's Mum)
Jenny (Michael's mum)
I like Kidsland because the teacher there tells me what Michael needs to improve to make him more confident. Michael needs to improve his leadership skills although he is a good team member. Thank you Kidsland, you let me find out more about my son, especially the thing that I couldn't find out at home.
---- Jenny (Michael's mum)

Aston's mum
We attended two school visits and on the teacher's recommendation she would like Aston to begin school on his birthday. Aston's teacher was amazed and full of praise at his depth of knowledge with numbers, letters and reading. We have much to thank Kidsland Educare for their tremendous efforts and support over the years.
---- Chrystal Kennedy (Aston's mum )